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Prairie Mountain retains a sizable fleet of new and late model, low-hour machines to cost-effectively accommodate a great number of projects. Our strategic placement of equipment ensures that the machines you need are ready when and where you need them. All of our units are owned outright, operated and meticulously maintained by Prairie Mountain Oilfield Construction Inc.’s highly skilled mechanical staff, which gives us a decisively competitive edge. We can provide minimal downtime resulting in maximum results!

Our massive 140+ fleet network summarized below is ready for dispatch.

  • D5 to D9 (LGP) Dozers

  • 130 to 490 Excavators  

  • 621/627 Scrapers

  • 30/35 ton Rock Trucks  

  • 140/14h/160/16h Graders

  • Smooth/Padfoot Vibratory Packers

  • 815 Packers

  • Tractors & Discers

  • Water Trucks

  • Delimbers

  • Skidders

  • Feller Bunchers

  • Lowboy Tractors

  • Tandem End Dumps

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